Together, Towards a Healthy Future

The Foundations of Health Research Center is dedicated to advancing research that elevates understanding and informs change. Our team of researchers are compelled by curiosity and a deep commitment to the people and the world we share.

Our research is aimed at exploring the relationship between psychological stress and physical health in both childhood and adulthood, with a particular emphasis on understanding health disparities (i.e., how low socioeconomic status impacts health).

We are interested in learning more about the psychosocial and psychobiological pathways involved in the stress-health relationship, particularly among low socioeconomic status groups.  We also have an interest in understanding resilience (i.e., why some individuals who experience adversity do not end up with poor health), and the limits of resilience in low socioeconomic status groups.

Our research team, led by Northwestern University Psychology Professors Dr. Edith Chen and Dr. Gregory Miller (in the photo above), explores pathways and mechanisms, with the goal of better understanding health disparities.